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Backups - The Key To Safe Computing

Here's a data loss-prevention exercise that any organization can run immediately at little or no cost except, perhaps, to some egos. Simply ask for some critical data to be restored from backup. Accept no excuses. If the exercise is successful, great. But the chances are very good that it won't be. In fact, there are long-time IT consultants who have often asked but never seen data successfully restored from backup.

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Boss, we have a problem - Professional data recovery solutions

When the telephones are ringing off the hook, the angry faxes keep stacking up and worst of all, upset customers start going somewhere else, management has to face facts. The data is missing and it isn't coming back. It's time to get expert help. When literally everything else has failed to put essential data back on the screen, specialist companies get involved.

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Costs of a Data Disaster

Computer data is the life's blood of the modern organization. Losing a little means discomfort and weakness. Losing too much is death.

When a catastrophic failure hits a company's data, the costs begin mounting immediately. Employees who should be busy are idle while the work piles up. Products aren't shipped, payments aren't processed and salespeople dealing with customers are suddenly tongue-tied and stuck for answers.

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Data Recovery - Today's Repair Shop

Every manager knows that protecting computer data is important, but how many can be completely confident that their backup systems will work when needed?

At Atlanta Data Recovery, we see some of the most extreme examples of data loss. In recent years, our assignments have ranged from recovering the entire welfare system of a European country to a UFO enthusiast's tape cartridges, from a rural school board that thought it lost pupils' marks to an international freight company's $700 million billing records. Our work spans an incredible range of challenges. Fortunately, many of them are avoidable.

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Today's New Media - Digital Linear Tape - Is It Better?

When small to medium-sized users need more storage capacity and faster backups than they can achieve with 8mm or DDS backups, there are two new formats to choose from.

Digital Linear Tape (DLT) systems have been available since 1985, but recent increases in both speed and capacity have given the technology a new lease on life. In fact, for small to medium-sized systems they have been the leading technology for the last several years. DDS or DAT tapes were the only competitors for DLT in that market, but the tape heads had a tendency to 'drift' which meant technicians had to monitor them to ensure storage. DLT reliability is based on a 'straight up and down' recording mode.

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Data Recovery - A Key Solution In Today's Business World

What happens when you are working on a special document or project on the computer and your screen goes blank! Panic? No - get help!

The good news about a crash is that most data, in most situations, can be recovered. Some projects may require several days, or even weeks, but about 75 per cent of all assignments can be turned around in less than 48 hours and the average data recovery success rate is 85 per cent.

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Hard Disk Drives - The Memories Of The Computer

Hard drives are the memories of our computers. They store documents, data, voice recordings and even entire movies. Because hard drives are so spacious and efficient these days, we can start to believe that they offer permanent and secure storage for our data. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

For such hard-working devices, hard drives can be remarkably fragile. They store data on stacks of rotating metallic platters. Magnetic heads 'float' between the platters, moving information back and forth without making physical contact. The information that looks so real on a monitor is, in fact, delicate electrical impulses on a metal plate.

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How To Prevent Data Loss

A serious loss of data is the worst time to figure out how it can happen. To protect critical business processes, managers should think about all preventing the disasters that can befall their data.

First of all, the computing environment should be clean, dry, secure, dust-free and arranged in such a way that equipment cannot be jolted or damaged. Larger companies and institutions should have uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) to save data during power outages while smaller organizations can use power surge protectors.

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Identifying Vulnerabilities in Networked Systems

Ghosts in the machine. Spooks in the hard drive. It's natural to worry about everything that can go wrong with the computers we work with - all the more so if those computers are part of a networked system. The arrival of the Information Age means that increasing amounts of critical business information are stored in such systems.

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Protecting the bottom line with good planning and the right technology

Sometimes, a day can seem like a lifetime.

When critical business data is lost, every minute that goes by means missing information, lost opportunities, and perhaps even the closing of a successful institution or department. Whatever the cause of the data loss - disk crash, power outage, virus, or even accidental deletion - the usual result is that gigabytes of files and weeks, or even months, of work are lost.

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It Was Here A Minute Ago - Data Loss Creates Lost Business

In an ideal world, organizations never experience data loss, because they have the systems in place to prevent problems as well as backup programs to restore data when something does go wrong. However, this is not an ideal world, and that's why there is a data recovery industry.

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Know How To Choose A Data Recovery Specialist

The key to choosing a data recovery company is to actually leave yourself time to make a choice. That means early recognition that a data recovery problem is beyond your immediate control. Be wary of claims that seem to be outside the limits of reality, because you could be vulnerable to a pitch just when your system is down and you need the help right away.

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Only An Emergency Will Show If Your Backup Systems Actually Work

To keep your information systems operational and safe from data loss, regular backups are important but they can only do half the job. Never demonstrating the ability to actually restore data from backup is like filling fire extinguishers and never pulling the trigger. Maybe they work, maybe they don't. Only an emergency will show if your backup systems actually work and by that time, it's too late to correct a failure.

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How To Prevent Data Loss

Nobody likes to hear the words, "I told you so," especially when they are busy trying to recover from a serious data loss. Here are some tips to help you avoid hearing them.

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Science Behind Data Recovery

The computer data that seems solid and reliable when you see it on a monitor or hard copy printout really exists only as minute electrical impulses crammed tightly on tape, diskettes or hard drives. Depending on how it is stored, that data will continue to exist until the medium is destroyed, scrambled by a virus or overwritten by other information. In other words, some 'physical' event prevents you from accessing your data. Data recovery companies work to reverse that process, any way they can.

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Solving The Data Loss Mystery

Data loss is one of computing's most misunderstood concepts. A user is suddenly unable to access information and is suspended in a state of confusion and panic, wondering, where their data went, and what to do to get it back? What caused the data loss? What could have been done to prevent it?

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The Status of Data Recovery - A Solution For Today's Business

For almost as long as people have been putting digital data on magnetic media, their precious information has been getting lost. In the good old days, perhaps 20 years ago, any company or institution that lost its data was on its own. Anyone with the expertise to help was probably already either on staff or employed by the equipment vendor.

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The Human Side of Data Loss

Data loss is an expensive reality. It's a hard fact that it happens more often then users like to admit. A recent study by the accounting firm McGladrey and Pullen estimates that one out of every 500 data centres will experience a severe computer disaster this year. As a result, almost half of those companies will go out of business. At the very least, a data loss disaster can mean lost income and missed business opportunities.

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Top 10 Data Recovery Bloopers

Truth, as the saying goes, is stranger than fiction. The following horror stories are true. The identities of those involved have been omitted, because what happened to them could happen to anyone.

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Before You Need Data Recovery - Virus Protection Key To Healthy Computing

Computer viruses are proving to be highly complex but preventing viruses from infecting your computer systems is simple. Use two well-known brands of anti-virus software and keep them as current as possible.

Beyond that, there are some simple, common sense procedures that everyone should use, whether at work or in the home computing environment. Never open a file whose origins are unknown. In a simpler day, that wisdom only applied to executable files, or files that did something. They have the suffixes .exe, .com and .bat and each can start a program on your computer. These viruses spread through games downloaded from the Internet, on borrowed diskettes and through the old 'bulletin board' services.

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Hard Disk Drive Glossary of Terms

Need som more detailed information about hard how a hard disk drive works? Take a look through our glossary of hard drive terms to find out anything you need to know about how a hard disk functions and its parts.

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Raid Array Glossary of Terms

Here you will find definitions and explanations for everything to do with raid arrays systems. The glossary will discuss various types of raid arrays, conditions affecting raid systems, common usage explanations, and more.

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Tape Media Glossary of Terms

DLT, LTO, DDS, AIX, and more. Tape cartridges are increasingly becoming the media of choice for enterprise level systems. Take a look through our tape glossary and see what you can learn.

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Optical Media Glossary of Terms

Our optical media glossary is an in depth overview of terms and definitions associated with CDs, DVDs, CDrw, and other optical devices. There is plenty of media information to help you answer some of the specific questions you may have about optical media.

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