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Atlanta Data Recovery FAQs

Common Data Recovery Questions Our Team Often Faces Include:

How much will the data recovery process cost?

Due to the fact that each data recovery case is unique in nature, there is no 'flat rate' pricing structure that we can provide. This is because the amount of work, time, and effort that goes into each recovery is different for each system that come into our labs.

For single hard drive systems on desktop or laptop computers, recoveries can range anywhere from $300-$2500. For servers, raid arrays, tapes, and other multi-disk storage systems, these prices do not apply. Please call a representative at for more detailed information on how we price each recovery.

How long will it take to recover my data?

Generally, with 10 years of experience under our belt, coupled with the most advanced facilities in the industry, our engineers can often recover data in as little as 24 hours from the time of receiving your media. Standard turnaround time for a project will generally range from 24 and 72 hours.

What exactly is the 100% risk-free data recovery evaluation?

At Atlanta Data Recovery we want you to feel 100% secure in your data recovery decision. Data recovery can be an emotionally distressing event for both individuals and organizations. We try to take as much of the uncertainty out of the equation as possible. At Atlanta Data Recovery you will know EXACTLY what is wrong with your media prior to making any financial commitment. Our engineers will look at your damaged media to determine precisely what is wrong with your device. This way, you will be in a position to make a fully informed decision about going ahead with the data recovery procedure. You will know exactly what you are paying for.

What is the purpose of a class 100 clean room?

Hard disk drives store data store data on metal oxide platters spinning as fast as 10,000 revolutions a minute while an actuator arm reads and writes magnetic charges one millionth of an inch above the surface. Even though any contact can and does destroy data, a great deal of information can still be harvested from physically damaged media. Because the manufacturers of storage media like hard drives are constantly striving to compress more data on to smaller surfaces, a data recovery specialist must have a 'clean room' to avoid dust or dirt causing more damage to the delicate magnetic media.

I am considering a software program to fix my problem. Will this work?

There are many tools being sold online to help recover missing or deleted files from your failed machine. We highly recommend that you do not use these programs unless you know exactly what is wrong with your device and have the technical know how to use the program in question. Otherwise, you risk making a once recoverable hard drive unrecoverable. In particular, avoid running programs such as scan disk. Your best option at this point is to send in your media for a comprehensive free evaluation. This way you will be taking the guessing game out of the equation. Once you know exactly what is wrong with your media, then make a decision on what the best course of action should be for you. For a more detailed explanation please call one of our client care specialists. They will happily assist you with any questions that you may have.

There are so many companies out there. Who do I trust?

Yes. Unfortunately there are a number of websites and companies out there who are attempting to undermine the data recovery industry. Many of these 'companies' are individuals who have a computer office at home and use software to try and recover your data. This can be very harmful to your situation if done incorrectly. In many cases, your data will be rendered unrecoverable due to these types of actions. Furthermore, in most cases, these data recovery 'individuals' will send your media to us after their methods fail to achieve worthwhile results and the client ends up spending much more than they should in the process.

Atlanta Data Recovery has been successful for more than 10 years. Our engineers are PHD trained and our facilities are second to none. We work at the hexadecimal level (machine level) of your computer to recover your data. Our techniques and procedures are proprietary and they are independent of all platforms and operating systems. When you choose Atlanta Data Recovery you can be sure you are getting the top data recovery professionals in the industry. We guarantee it.

For more information please call us. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Call Our 24 HR Client Care Center: 1.844.316.8131.

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Understanding your problem is half the battle. We highly recommend you call our customer service hotline. Our dedicated service team is highly trained and will answer your questions in terms you will understand.

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We provide data recovery services for all storage media including: raid arrays, hard drives, tapes, opticals, removables, laptops & Compact Flash.

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If you have any questions or concerns about our data recovery services, do not hesitate to call our data recovery team. We are here to help make the data recovery process as quick and painless as possible for you. No matter what the problem is, you can feel confident we both seen and recovered data from it.

Call us now at: 1.844.316.8131.

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